The Day It Happened.

That’s deep…

For the day speaks!

Dear world,

You are about to witness the poem which i wrote (if i can call it like that) that moved me very much.

If you felt the same after reading it, don’t forget to like, share and comment below.

The news shocked me…

I began to do things without thinking…

Preparing for your arrival..

The house was full already,

At last you came…

More horizontal than vertical,

They were discussing how to position you,

You were laid there, on the cold ground…

I kissed you forehead for the last time,

It felt cold and distant,

with a scent that was spread…

The night went by, i tried not to think…

Almost before dawn we ate,

While you still laid…

At ten came the time to take you,

I kissed your forehead again, you were colder and gone…

You left your house, as a final place,

They prayed your final…

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