Who does not have enemies? There are always people out there just to piss you off and what you do in return is think of ways and strategies that you could employ to FURTHER piss them off! This results into a never ending battle between you and your rival.
But have you ever thought that while you are investing your (precious) time thinking about ways to harm your enemies or thinking over and over how other may have people have hurt you, YOUR life is not really waiting for you to complete your task.
People tend to be enemy-centered and their whole lives become focused on their enemies while completely neglecting much more important aspects of their lives…themselves for instance, their families, work and even pleasures. You just forget to enjoy and I believe that this way of turning into an enemy centered individual might be one of the reasons towards leading a stressful and depressive lifestyle.
Sometimes, just because of one individual who you don’t really like (and you might have all the reasons not to), you just suddenly become ready to leave your dream job…you suddenly no longer care what you like doing anymore…all that because you don’t want to see that person’s face!!! What happens is that you tend to forget about your own self when becoming focused on your enemy…
Hence, it is important to just LET GO…If your enemy wants to make it his LIFE MISSION to keep thinking about ways to harm you…LET HIM…AT LEAST YOU HAVE SOMEONE WHO HAS DEDICATED HIS WHOLE LIFE THINKING ABOUT YOU..YOU HAVE GOT A NO.1 FAN!!! But surely, YOU don’t have time for him or to think about him or ways to hurt him in your life.
Just imagine…if a dog bites you…what are you gonna do?? Bite him back OR let it go and go treat yourself… What people do to you, is actually an opportunity for you to become better..NOT TO BECOME BAD LIKE HIM OR EVEN WORSE!!
LASTLY, I think it is important that we be grateful, having come across individuals who despise us because at least we know that unlike them, we have never stoop so low in life…it could have been the opposite..we the culprit and the other side the victim..THANKFULLY, we are the victim!


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