Ever been in a situation where you don’t seem to understand anything in class?? This is actually a common situation faced by every single student at least once in their lifetime…
The teacher is explaining…you are listening…others are showing signs of understanding while you can’t figure a thing of what’s really happening!!!
Don’t worry, its okay!!
Its just natural…at times you’ve switched off…or at times, you can’t concentrate…or simply put, at times, you just didn’t get it at that particular moment…Let’s just say it was not your moment back there!!!

But what’s next once you’ve acknowledge that you did not understanding a thing in that class!!! Many options seem to be available for you:

  1. Let it be…Let’s just hope it won’t come out for the exams!!
  2. Let it be…Its not important!
  3. Let it be…I don’t care anyway!
  4. I gotta do something about it!!!

If you’ve chosen option 4…this means that there is hope…or else….well, you know!

Now, how do you do something about it anyway! You see that’s the whole concept of hardwork! You got to train yourself now…or better put…you’ve got to train your mind! Once, you get home from school, you make it your priority to do something about that stuff that you could not understand…

You take out the class notes, your book, other resources that you feel might be important…and then you take out a clean sheet of paper and you start the whole concept from scratch…Now you are the teacher explaining yourself…you are the student listening to yourself…you become the class!

Now, remember…books are not there for nothing…this is where you get information AND explanations…and best of all, you can go back and re-read the explanation over and over again until you get it…surely, you won’t really dare to do that in class but during your training session of your mind…you surely can!!!!

You get the notes right from scratch and I’m telling you, you gonna master the concept better than anyone else…

Now, of won’t be easy in the beginning but this is your training…When you work out for the first time, you feel like you wanna give up every time but you stay there and keep going…

Training is hard…but it is worth it. With every training, there is improvement…The next day, when you get in class, you’ll be a different person!


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