The 4 categories of students…

Many students can be heard complaining that they cannot really study or perform well in exams because they were not born intelligent as compared to their peers. Well, we are not here to debate the issue of whether or not it is true that some students can actually be more intelligent than others just because of some special genes they inherited from their parents. Let us assume that this might be true but this article will show you how, despite your genes, you can still come out of the crowd of average or below average students with honours!

We can think of students to be from any of the four categories:

  1. An intelligent and hardworking student
  2. An intelligent but lazy student
  3. A non-intelligent but hardworking student
  4. A non-intelligent and lazy student

At first glance, we would tend to think that students from categories 3 and 4 are hopeless cases  or lost causes because they are not gifted students. Most people would tend to favour category 1 and 2.

Actually, the two best categories would be category 1 and 3 while category 2 and 4 are terrifying situations where students tend to become overconfident which usually results in failure everywhere. What is important to understand here is that the inherited intelligence does not really matter when one is hardworking…with hard work, intelligence will eventually come through…But the real deal here is to work hard, really hard…

Becoming a hardworking student is a skill…and fortunately for us, skills don’t need to be inherited but they are learnt…they are developed…

Consider the scenario of a student who is considered to be non-intelligent but hardworking. You see, in class that student might have trouble understand the explanations of the teacher but nothing is lost for him…The moment he reaches home, he will be opening his book, his notebook and will TRY to understand the concepts taught!!

Life is worthwhile if you try!!

And that student will try UNTIL he gets it.

Life is worthwhile if you don’t quit!!

That’s hard work and we know well that hard work always pays off…and how??? It makes you become more and more intelligent and this is how very often, students from category 3 are always found to shift really quickly to category 1.

Life is worthwhile if you try hard…and don’t quit until you get it!!

Life is worthwhile if you learn…


photo credit: <a href="">zio carlo</a> via <a href="">photopin</a> <a href="">(license)</a>

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