If you read, you know!

If you don’t read, you don’t know!

Two simple but profound statements that should be easy for any student to understand the importance of reading in one’s life. As a real student, you are supposed to have some sort of library or bookshelves filled with all kinds of good books in your room! Knowledge is found in books…If you really want to gain some knowledge…you’ve got to open that book and get some reading done.

Have you watched the movie “Good Will Hunting”?? I’m sure that you must have appreciated the vast knowledge that Matt Damon possesses in that movie just from reading books…or may be, you might be a fan of the TV series “SUITS”, where Patrick J. Adams memorizes every book with his photographic memory…and guess what these 2 fictional but inspirational characters have in common…THEY LIKE TO READ!

Now, reading may not be that easy for many people because it is an active process which requires you to focus for a certain amount of time…but a video documentary or a movie, on the other hand is so much more fun and easier to go through but it is PASSIVE! A movie requires you simply to sit back and enjoy but:

No concentration…

No training of the mind involved…

No new vocabulary learnt…

A movie does not really let you decide and make an opinion…rather, it makes the opinion for you…it gives you the information and you have no choice but to accept and approve! However, a book gives you the opportunity to THINK, to decide, to make an opinion and have your own words about the information being presented to you. This is what training of your mind is all about. This is what makes brain explode with new thoughts and ideas!

If you are thinking about getting fit, you will surely agree that you can’t do so while relaxing on your sofa watching a video where people are exercising UNLESS you take action. You’ve got to get out there and starting working out yourself!! That’s how you train your body!! Your mind also needs some action and the best way you can exercise your mind is go through the books where vast amount of knowledge are stored. Reading is one of the STUFF THAT MATTERS! It helps you to grow!!!

If you read, you will grow…

If you don’t read, you won’t grow…intellectually, emotionally or even spiritually!!

At times, some books might seem difficult to go through because of their complex language but just try to imagine the person you will become after having successfully been through a really challenging book.

You will be a changed person…have you ever graduated from high school…you know the feeling…or graduating from college…now think about graduating from a book…This is how you know that you just became more knowledgeable!!

Each and every book is a challenge in itself and our goals as students, should be to be able to successfully graduate/complete/understand that book!!

When we talk about books, we are not really talking about novels but rather, we are referring to textbooks which require you to sit down and work yourself through the book by studying each and every page thoroughly…at your own pace.

Don’t forget about the law of consistency if you really want to make it work. Click here if you want to get some technique to get started. When you read, you can engage into dialogues at all level and even better, you will even understand these dialogues, may it be in the field of law, finance, management and history amongst others.

As students, you might be having your academic textbooks to study for your courses or examinations but I advise each and every student to at least go through one book on subjects like personal development or time management amongst others throughout the year.

Reading is what can possibly make you stand out of the crowd of average students and be among the best!


photo credit: <a href="">Library books</a> via <a href="">photopin</a> <a href="">(license)</a>

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