Becoming a student is an art. Not everyone can become a student. Sure, it might be true that people are easily assigned that title of being a student but I would say that for one to be called a student, he has to earn that title.

The art of becoming a student is not achieved by attending school but rather by developing certain habits in oneself that helps one to achieve his goals. Becoming a student is not limited to children or teens or early adulthood but it can be for anyone at any age. There is no time limit to learn and hence no time limit to become a student.

If you want to happy…you have to study happiness. If you want to be successful, then you have to study success. This is how of the greatest business philosopher of our time, Jim Rohn described the importance of studying in anyone’s life. If you have already left school or college, don’t be mistaken…chances are that you can still become a good student. The only difference perhaps is that you won’t be studying academic subjects, but you will be studying other stuff….STUFF THAT MATTERS…like happiness, success, financial independence, personal development, teaching, business, politics, good and bad experiences of people etc…

However, I wrote this article for any student of any age…be it a middle school or high school student, an adult or even an old person…anyone who still values ‘studying’. You see the secret to becoming a good student is very simple…so simple that we tend to overlook its effectiveness.

I always advise myself and my students to be short but consistent in our studies. To summarize this secret, I am going to give you a set of 3 simple rules that you can establish to pave your way towards becoming excellent students:

  1. The 10 minutes rule:

Many people always complain about procrastination. I do but the truth is if you really want to beat procrastination and get started is just to actually…get started!! As simple as that. However, one trick to get you motivated is to spend only 10 minutes in studying. That’s right! I’m not asking you to put in 1 whole hour or to lock you in a room 1 whole day and study…NO!! Only 10 minutes is enough but on one condition…You have to do it regularly…that is every single day…That’s consistency (rule no. 2).

Now why 10 minutes…You see 10 minutes is much easier to give than a whole hour…everybody can do that…That’s how you get started and you would be willing to give this 10 minutes your 100% since you know the duration is very short. You can’t be having any source of distraction since its only 10 minutes…yep…No facebook…No twitter…No surfing on the net…just you and your book/study material for 10 minutes of full concentration. When your 10 minutes is over…go play!!

  1. Consistency


Like I revealed above, for the 10 minutes rule to work, you have to be consistent. You’ve got to work on your craft every single day for these 10 minutes, preferably at the same time of the day (when you feel best). I know…10 minutes seems short…you might think that you can easily catch up if you miss 1 day but I don’t care…if you miss 1 day, it means that you’ve failed!!! Treat these 10 minutes like your meal. You never miss a meal…so just like that, you cannot miss these 10 minutes…not even for a day!

Trust me…you will realize that once you start to develop this habit, you will begin to feel a deep sense of enjoyment every time that you embark on the 10 minutes journey of study. You will start to enjoy your 10 minutes and you will even start to look forward to it every day just like you feel very excited to look forward to enjoy your meal every day. Believe it or not, this process is known as discipline. Jim Rohn defines success as “a few disciplines repeated every day.”

You see the trick here to repeat the whole process…even if its for 10 minutes…but it has to be consistent…that is EVERY DAY.

Just imagine…10 minutes a week lead you 70 minutes of full concentration of study…You would never be able to get 70 minutes of full concentration at once!! If you think about a month of 10 minutes, it leads to 300 minutes of full study!!! Just think the advancement in your studies or in your career or in your personality if you apply these rules for one whole CONSISTENT year.

You will start to have a burning desire to study more and more since you now enjoy the process. This is when may be, you might start to think about increasing your study time, may be up to 20 minutes a day…once you’ve find the best time for you to study but don’t increase your study time drastically. I would still recommend you not to exceed 30 minutes a day because then boredom and procrastination might resurface and you don’t want that.

  1. One thing at a time.

People usually tend to multitask. We always tend to think that we can do more than just one thing at a time. But let me tell you, one of the ingredients to achieve success is the complete opposite, i.e. you only do one thing at a time! This definitely leads to more focus, especially on your 10 minutes!

You might probably know the saying: “Rome was not built in a day.” True… You can’t learn everything today… but one subject at a time seems more feasible and practical and more realistic. This is how I believe you should be shaping your philosophy about studying because when you want to study more than one thing at a time, chances are that you will end up studying NOTHING!!!

Let me give you the example of this blog…our philosophy here is simply ONE ARTICLE PER DAY…easy to achieve…and if we think for 1 year, we should be reaching around 300 articles! But if we had set our goal of 300 articles in one month, chances are that we would be failing!  At times, it is important not to promise yourself impossible stuff…STUFF THAT DON’T MATTER!! Just go easy on yourself…it’s important.

That’s what I believe to be the law of consistency:

One thing at a time…for 10-20 minutes only…EVERY SINGLE DAY!!


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