Loneliness & Sadness

A Silhouette of Sadness
A Silhouette of Sadness (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Have you ever had that feeling when you realize you are living in a fake world with no objectives? Don’t worry..many people had it too!! This usually happens when you are sad…lonely..

While you may be trying to make the most of yourself, you see people around mocking you..saying that you are useless.

Result: You start to feel depress and you want to give up?

Solution: No you should not give up!! Never!!!Because remember where there is positive, there should be negative!! Where there are likes, there will also be dislikes!!! So stop giving a damn about the unlikes and focus on the likes!!! There are people out there who believe in you and what you doing and you can’t find anybody, just remember that we, at “stuff that matters 101” believe in you and your dream! YOU CAN DO IT.

You know your objectives. You know that you worth something!!

So why losing your time feeling depressed?? Get down to work NOW!!

Write down your goals on a piece of paper and then just one thing: WORK!! All that count is your personality and your willingness to do it. Everybody knows the famous saying: Where there is a will, there is a way!!

Remember if you work hard, you will be able to achieve something…and that something will definitely be your goal…your objective…what you always wanted!!!


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