Success is a journey…

The following article is adapted from Brian’s Tracy Lecture (youtube link) on Success:

  • The journey to success starts with a goal. Decide what you want and stick to it. If you have no goals, then you have no direction.
  • Once you’ve decided what you want, it is high time to get started. The hardest part in your journey will always be the first step. Once you’ve launched yourself towards your goal, you have already separated yourself from the losers.
  • Now that you have started, do NOT quit. NEVER quit. You may fail many times but embrace failure for it shows you what not to do as you will be moving along the path of success. Remember that Thomas A Edison failed 999 times before discovering electricity. Learn from your mistakes and keep moving forward no matter what.
  • On your journey to achieve success, you might need some help to get there. No one does it alone. So, welcome any kinds of help that you may get. It is much better to stay around helpful people that would encourage and support you all the way through rather than staying around negative people (and you will meet them unfortunately) who will come up will all sorts of reasons as to why you cannot succeed. Refuse to listen to them and keep moving forward and never backward.
  • Like we said, success is a journey and you will not be able to get to your destination overnight. The sooner you realize that, the better will it be. Hence, it is vital to appreciate that you need to take one step at a time. For me, that’s the biggest secret. One step at a time requires patience and discipline. Always focus on the one step and do it well.

With hard work, patience, discipline and the right attitude of not quitting, there will come a day where you will find yourself finishing your journey and standing right at the port of your destination. That’s where you will meet success.

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