You are what you eat!

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The common saying “you are what you eat” implies that a person’s eating pattern plays a significant role on his or her health status. Indeed, it is a proven fact that nutrition can improve or worsen a person’s health.

Malnutrition has always existed but over the last decades, the prevalence of over nutrition is higher than that of under nutrition. Some reasons accounting for this shift include:

  1. Increased availability and consumption of calorie dense foods
  2. Increased portion sizes
  3. Increased consumption of fast foods, high calorie snacks and beverages
  4. Decreased consumption of fruits and vegetables
  5. People have higher socioeconomic status and lead a sedentary life
  6. Reduced physical activity

Malnutrition, in the form of over nutrition, is predominant worldwide even in under developed countries. The management of over nutrition is an economic burden for every society and it costs millions. The consequences of over nutrition include:

  1. Overweight and obesity
  2. Diabetes Mellitus
  3. Hypertension
  4. Increased risk to develop some form of cancer

On the other hand, under nutrition which is widespread mostly in under developed countries also have many negative health impacts. These include:

  1. Emaciation
  2. Kwashiokor
  3. Protein energy malnutrition
  4. Vitamin  and mineral deficiencies

Thus, by promoting “Optimum Nutrition”, people could easily start to “live healthy” and many lives can be saved for prevention is much and much better than cure.

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