Five reasons why you are not doing well in your studies!

Many students complain that they just cannot study and every single time, they come out with their typical blame list where everybody, except them is to be blamed. However, we all know that the problem comes from within and the following ideas might give you some insight as to where the problem really is:

Sleeping when studying - Nakhon Sawan, Thailand

1.       Bad sleeping habit.

At what time do you USUALLY go to bed? If your answer is past midnight, then probably you are having some great troubles in your studies. Perhaps being a night owl works for you but if you do not sleep at night, then when do you do so? If you lack sleep, this would probably mean that you are tired and if you are tired, then we should forget about studying.

Solution: Go to bed early and become and early riser for morning is better than evenings!

2.       Bad eating habit.

This is very much connected to bad sleeping habit. If you have been staying up till very late at night, then it is highly probable that you always miss breakfast in the morning. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and if you miss that, then where do you think the energy that you require to concentrate in class would come from??

Solution: Now that you are an early riser, always get a good breakfast before leaving for school.

3.       Bad studying habit.

At times, it may happen that a student is perfectly disciplined in his sleeping and eating habits and yet he does not feel that he is progressing much with his studies. Now, usually the main reason is that the latter does not know how to study.  He or she just want to study everything at one go and what typically follows is that they have no idea where to start. So, they easily get discouraged and as a result, they do nothing.

Solution: One step at a time. Just focus on one subject per day and you will see the difference that you would be making in a week.

4.       Poor Time Management.

Students usually cannot manage their study time properly. Actually, most of their tasks remain undone, even if they planned to go for one step at a time, i.e. one subject per day. They just do not find the time to study that one subject. Why is that? Well, because if we study, then when are we going to watch the movies, surf and chat on facebook???

Solution: Plan your day even before you start it, i.e. the night before. Schedule at least a minimum of 2 hours per day. Look for your best hours, when you usually feel fresh and fit to study and schedule your study time there and DON’T MISS IT. Miss a meal but do not miss your study time!

5.       Procrastination

This is your worst enemy. Procrastination=I will do it LATER (or I will do it much better at a later time!!) Procrastination usually makes you say that you will postpone your 2 hours for later or even for tomorrow. Come on…let us be realistic! If you could not find two hours today, what makes you feel you will find FOUR hours tomorrow or even 6 hours the day after.

Solution: DO IT NOW! Take action now! You will see that you will develop the pattern of self-discipline and with your ability of “doing it now” and sticking to your “study time”. If you feel it’s too hard to start, just get an overview of the chapter and break it into different topics. Once you have completed one topic, you will feel that level of satisfaction that makes you want to keep going!!


Wish you the best of luck in your studies!

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