Striving for perfection – Are you crossing the barrier?

Perfection (game show)

Perfection is an illusion and the sooner you get used to that, the better will it be. Striving for perfection in itself, is not harmful but overdoing it by thinking that you are flawless can make you stoop so low in your life that by the time you realize it, it’s already too late.

Striving too much for perfection makes you think that you have it all, resulting in you expecting perfection from others as well. The problem is that no one is perfect and is bound to make mistakes and your hatred for mistakes can cost you a lot whether it is in terms of relationships, work, money or any other form of richness.

Welcome all experiences, whether it is positive or negative for this will make you grow and become more mature. Learn to forgive so that you can be forgiven by others. Learn to be understandable to people’s errors so that people can understand yours. Always aim for the right balance by avoiding the extreme in both cases, i.e. in terms of mistakes and in terms of perfection.

Remember that if we did not have the ability to err, the word ‘improvement’ would not exist.

If you are a husband, then learn to see the good in your wife instead of analyzing her small petty unintentional mistakes.

If you are a teacher, learn to see the accomplishment of your students instead of scolding the latter for what they have not yet studied.

If you are a child or a teenager, learn to be thankful for what your parents have already done for you instead of complaining for not getting the latest technological device.

Life is not about becoming perfect but rather, it’s all about improving oneself for the better by learning from your mistakes!


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