Stuff that matters – TIME – Article 1

“Time is more valuable than money.”
Surely most of us might have heard of this more than famous quote but words that are easily and readily said are rarely reflected upon…

The Passage of Time

Why is that? Why is time much and much more valuable than money?
Simple Answer: “You can get more money but you CAN’T get more time!”
There are no books in this world illustrating ways in which one can get more time, hence the reason why it is preferred to say that we can only TRY to manage OUR time more effectively. This is where the concept of time management is used. It is an undeniable fact that one who excels in managing his time effectively and efficiently will achieve success at a much faster rate.
An incredibly vital question related to this important topic is as follows:
Is it justified to be SELFISH? Of course not!
But is it justified to be selfish in regards to one’s allocated time???
Let us ponder and answer that question…Are you selfish????
That’s it for my first post!

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